-50 % EK-Quantum Magnitude Accent - sTRX4 D-RGB

EK-Quantum Magnitude Accent - sTRX4 D-RGB

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EK-Quantum Magnitude Accent - sTRX4 D-RGB is an interchangeable aesthetic frame for EK's new Magnitude sTRX4 water block. This accent is specifically made to bring dispersed lighting implementation and offer even lighting in the form of a halo all-around the Magnitude water block. It comes with an addressable D-RGB LED strip that contains 44 LEDs.

EK Magnitude sTRX4 Accent Frames

This Magnitude accent is made of milky POM acetal material.

Available in several different colors and materials, these accent frames are compatible only with EK-Quantum Magnitude sTRX4 CPU water blocks.

Made in Europe - Slovenia!

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37,99 $

19,00 $ -50 %

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