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EK-Mana G2 PC-O11D EVO DDC D-RGB Distribution Plate

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EK-Mana G2 PC-O11D EVO DDC D-RGB Distribution Plate is a custom water cooling reservoir, routing and pump solution. This “distro plate” is the successor to the very successful G1 version and is specifically designed to provide an advanced water cooling solution for the incredibly popular O11D chassis series by LIAN LI, namely:

Lian Li O11D
Lian Li O11D XL
Lian Li O11D EVO

EK-Mana G2 Distro plate for the Lian Li O11 series

It is an all-in-one solution that includes a pump and a reservoir while acting as a coolant routing system. To avoid any confusion that this distro plate is only for novice-level users, seasoned PC builders will also appreciate the engineering that went into the EK-Mana G2. This product is EK-Matrix7 compatible. The Matrix7 standard ensures the placement of the inlets and outlets is aligned with other Matrix7-compatible products. This minimizes the number of bends needed to create a perfect loop, or completely removes the tube bending process from the equation if using pre-bent 90° tubes.

EK-Mana G2 Distro plate for the Lian Li O11 series

The EK-Mana G2 is exceptionally versatile and can support a wide variety of hardware and radiator options, which is why this distro plate is expected to find its home in numerous other non-Lian Li cases too. For a standard setup with a horizontally mounted GPU with an ATX motherboard, the list of compatibility for the EK-Quantum Surface radiator is as follows:

Lian Li O11D: maximum 360mm P series at the top and 360mm S series at the bottom
Lian Li O11D XL: maximum 360mm P series at the top and 360mm X series at the bottom
Lian Li O11D EVO: maximum 360mm P series at the top and 360mm X series at the bottom

EK-Mana G2 Distro plate for the Lian Li O11 series

The distro plate comes with a powerful, market-proven, PWM-controlled 4.2 DDC pump made in Europe! The pump can draw a maximum of 18W and is powered via a black flat cable with a SATA connection. The goal was to create a product with enough power to give outstanding performance with multiple blocks and radiators. Users can buy an aftermarket heatsink from the EK-Quantum Convection series for added cooling of the DDC pump to increase its lifespan.

EK-Mana G2 Distro plate for the Lian Li O11 series

For those who do not wish to use a DDC pump, this distribution plate can also mount D5 pumps using an EK-Quantum Convection D5 cover. The Lian Li O11D, O11D EVO, and O11D XL PC cases have enough depth to allow fitment of the D5 pump.

EK-Mana G2 Distro plate for the Lian Li O11 series

It is mounted on the side of the case, revealing the beautiful aesthetics through the side window. The built-in addressable LED strip connects to the motherboard 5V header and is compatible with MSI’s Mystic Light Sync, ASRock’s Polychrome Sync, ASUS’ Aura Sync, and GIGABYTE’s RGB FUSION software for a coordinated lighting effect. It also works with Lian Li’s L-Connect RGB control software.


Technical Details


  • Dimensions with the attached pump (W x D x H): 312 x 50.9 x 142mm
  • Reservoir volume: ~250ml
  • D-RGB LED count: 9
  • D-RGB cable length: 800mm
  • D-RGB connector standard 3-pin (+5V, Data, Blocked, Ground)

Pump Motor Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 90 x 62 x 38mm
  • Motor: Electronically commuted ball bearing motor
  • Rated voltage: 12V DC
  • Power consumption: 20W
  • Maximum pressure head: 5.2m
  • Maximum flow: 1000L/h
  • Maximum system temperature: 60°C
  • Materials: Stainless steel, PPS-GF40, EPDM O-rings, Aluminum oxide, hard coal
  • Power connector: SATA and 4-pin PWM FAN connector

Operational Regime:

  • PWM duty cycle: ~ 20-100%
  • Default behavior: runs at 100% duty cycle when no PWM feedback signal is present


  • Compatible with Lian Li O11D, O11D EVO, and O11D XL PC cases.
  • The DDC pump is water lubricated and it must not be run dry; otherwise, permanent bearing damage can occur.
  • The PC chassis is only for showcase, and it's not delivered with the product.
  • The aluminum oxide mentioned in the materials specification for the DDC pump is not exposed to water and is perfectly safe to run in copper/nickel loops.
  • EK doesn’t recommend using this distribution plate in the inverted motherboard layout with the Lian Li O11D EVO


Option Plexi
Threads G1/4

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