EK-Loop Hard Tube 14mm 0.8m Pre-Bent 90° - Acrylic (6pcs)

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EK-Loop Hard Tube 14mm 0.8m Pre-Bent 90° - Acrylic (6pcs) is a 6-pack of 10/14mm (ID/OD) acrylic tubing bent to a 90-degree angle with a tubing length of 250mm and 550mm on either side of the bend. Intended to help liquid cooling beginners, but also bring a quality of life improvement for liquid cooling enthusiasts by shortening the time and effort needed to bend the tubing and build the systems.

EK 90 degree pre-bent tubing

It comes in a length of 0.8m (800mm) which can be easily cut and shortened to an adequate length for any tubing run. It is mandatory to chamfer the edges of a freshly cut tube in order to prevent gasket (O-ring) damage.

EK 90 degree pre-bent tubing

Technical data:
- Material: Extruded acrylic
- Inner diameter: 10 mm
- Outer diameter: 14 mm
- Total length: 800 mm
- Bend Angle: 90°
- Bend Radius: R25
- Length per axis: 550x250mm

EK pre-bent tubing diagram

The package contains 6 pieces of tubing only. Please purchase HDC or HDP fittings separately.

We recommend wetting the gasket (O-ring) using drops of water before installing the solid tube for easier installation.

Made in Germany - Europe!


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74,99 $

Only 2 pieces left

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