EK-Loop D-RGB LED Magnetic Strip (600mm)

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EK-Loop D-RGB LED Magnetic Strip (600mm) is a 600mm-long addressable RGB LED strip that connects to a PC motherboard or a D-RGB controller via a standard 3-pin 5V connector (+5V, Data, Blocked, Ground). It has a density of 54LEDs/m with a total of 33 separately controllable LEDs on its 600mm long strip.

EK-Loop D-RGB LED Magnetic Strip

The primary form of mounting on a PC case is via magnets, but it also has a secondary option, an adhesive tape that can stick to any flat surface. It's utilized by removing the protective foil from the back of the strip. The strip is encased in a high-quality silicone housing improves light uniformity and protects the strip.

EK LED strip magnetic

Technical data:

- Connection type: 3-pin (+5V, D, Blocked, Ground)
- Rated voltage: 5V DC
- Number of LEDs: 33 (54LED/m density)
- Strip length: 600mm



  • Should not be used with 12V headers as that will damage the diodes, they should be powered exclusively by 5V headers


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