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The EK-Loop Connect is a powerful, straightforward information and control hub for all the relevant parameters in your liquid-cooled PC. A Fan, Pump, and an Addressable D-RGB controller unit that is designed from the standpoint of an enthusiast, but at the same time, not over-engineered. The easy-to-navigate software interface is simple enough for beginners and advanced enough for enthusiasts. The key features of the software are thoughtfully laid out to keep custom loop liquid cooling healthy!

The EK-Loop Connect is one of, if not the most powerful mainstream fan and LED controller available on the market, topping off at 170W of total power delivery. It's capable of delivering 20W per each 4-pin fan header, combining up to a total of 120W. The industry-standard, non-proprietary addressable D-RGB headers can each handle 8W of power.

EK Loop Connect D-RGB and Fan controller

With six PWM fan headers capable of delivering a total of 120W (20W per header), you can connect multiple fans since standard PWM splitter cables can also be utilized. The same applies to the addressable D-RGB headers as they can deliver up to 8W of power on each connector. Each header can be used to connect multiple D-RGB products by using an EK D-RGB splitter cable. To put it into perspective, that's enough for ~20 EK-Quantum Vector D-RGB water blocks. For specific EK-Quantum D-RGB water block power consumption check the table on our blog.

The unit is equipped with several safety features that ensure a restless a worry-free experience with the EK-Loop Connect. The built-in temperature sensor will make sure the fans and attached pumps are ramped up to the maximum speed if the software records CPU temperatures over 90-100°C. 

EK-Loop Connect

An LED overpower protection system will make sure you will not damage the controller unit or your addressable D-RGB LEDs. If by any chance, one of the D-RGB headers will be overloaded, the unit will automatically set the color all the LEDs attached to a red color. A static red color is using only 1/3 of the total power draw and also acts as a warning color for the user to take action and reduce the number of LEDs attached.

Download the Windows 10 compatible EK Loop Connect Software by clicking here.

Technical Specifications:

- Dimensions (L x W x H): 126x70x18mm
- Power Output for Fans: 20W per header
- Power Output for LEDs: 8W per header
- Mounting Holes: 2.5" drive mounting holes


- 1x (PWR) 4-Pin Female Molex (2x Female SATA to 1x Male Molex Adapter Included)
- 6x (F1-F6) Standard 4-pin PWM Fan Header
- 6x (L1-L6) D-RGB Header 3-Pin 5V Digital LED Header (Pinout: +5V, D, Blocked, Ground)
- 3x (T1-T3) Temperature Probe Headers
- 1x (FLO) Flow Meter Connection
- 1x (LVL) Coolant Level Sensor
- 1x USB 2.0 Data Header
- 1x (EXT) Data Header 4-Pin 2.5mm Pitch for Daisy Chain (upcoming product)

Designed and engineered by EK Water Blocks in Slovenia - Europe

Made in China


  • The EK-Loop Connect Software is compatible with Windows 10 only.
  • The EK Connect software has to be running all the time in order for the PWM profiles to work properly. If the software is not running, the fans and pump will work at the last static value they were at when the program was running.
  • If the Connect application is signaling a communication error with the controller you should try restarting the application or your computer. Please take a look at the FAQ section for more info.

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