EK-Loop Connect - USB External Cable 1m

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The EK-Loop Connect - USB External Cable 1m will allow the user to connect their EK-Loop Connect controller unit to the PC via a standard USB connector that can be found on the back of the motherboard. This type of connection is beneficial to modders because it allows them to pre-program the controller using another PC.

EK-Loop-Connect external cable

This also makes it possible to run the pump, fan, and addressable RGB settings on another PC without the need to install an OS. This saves a great deal of time and still lets the user control D-RGB LED patterns for the needs of the video shoots, etc.

Technical Specifications:

- Connectors: USB-A to 4-pin
- Length: 100cm

Designed and engineered by EK Water Blocks in Slovenia - Europe

Made in China

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5,49 $

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