EK-HD Adapter Female 10/12mm - Black

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EK-HD Adapter Female is a solid-tube female type fitting, intended to be used with solid tubing such as Acrylic or Copper tube.

The product is made of machined brass with quality O-rings. These adapters are fully compatible with EK-CSQ series (45°/90°) angled adapters.

Technical data:
- inner thread: G1/4" BSP
- supported tube: 12mm (OD)
- outer diameter of a fitting: 18.7mm
- installed height: 11mm
- compatible tubing: solid Acrylic-, Copper-, Brass- or Stainless Steel tube

ROHS Compliant!

Made in Slovenia - EU!


  • Please wet the gasket (o-ring) using drops of water prior to installing solid tube.
  • Do not use excessive force when inserting solid tube!
  • It is mandatory to chamfer the edges of the freshly cut solid tube in order to prevent gasket (o-ring) damage. EK recommends a 0,5mm x 45° chamfer.
  • This product should NOT be installed with any aluminum Fluid Gaming parts!
  • The fittings are plated, not painted. Due to the plating technique, the internals of the fittings may not be completely black and the base nickel layer might shine through.


Threads G1/4

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