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EK-FC Terminal BLANK Serial

Product EAN: 3831109868171

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EK-FC Terminal BLANK Serial is a high quality connecting link for closing unused ports on your EK-FC Terminal Serial series (DUAL or TRIPLE) interconnection.

EK-FC Terminal BLANK Serial is made of quality POM Acetal.

EK-FC Terminal BLANK serial  is compatible with the following EK-FC Terminal interconnections:
- EK-FC Terminal DUAL Serial
- EK-FC Terminal DUAL Serial 3-Slot
- EK-FC Terminal TRIPLE Serial
- EK-FC Terminal TRIPLE Z77 Serial
- 1x EK-FC Terminal BLANK serial
- 1x Plug G1/4 - Nickel plated


  • Not compatible with EK Vector RTX block terminal cover
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    Threads G1/4

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    9,38 $

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