EK-FC Link R48X0/58X0 (EOL)

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EK-FC Link R48X0/58X0 is a high quality connecting link adapter for connecting your favorite EK Full-cover waterblocks to the EK-FC Bridge multiblock (dual, triple or quad) interconnect.

Please note that link itself is not a standalone unit and needs to be used with EK-FC Bridge series interconnect to make it fully functional.

You need one FC Link adapter for each FC water block you wish to connect.

EK-FC Link R48X0/58X0 is compatible with the following FC waterblocks:

- EK-FC460
- EK-FC4850/4870
- EK-FC5850
- EK-FC5870
- EK-FC5870 MSI
- EK-FC5870 V2
- EK-FC5870 ASUS V2
- EK-FC6870
- EK-FC6970
- EK-FC6970 V2
- EK-FC6990
- EK-FC7950
- EK-FC7970
- EK-FC7970 DCII

- 1x EK-FC Link GeForce
- 4x O-ring gaskets

Mounting mechanism is not included since it comes with every EK-FC Bridge part.

FC Links cannot be combined together, as it was physically impossible to construct all to line-up. Meaning you can only use EK-FC Link R48X0/58X0 in one setup without combining them with other two Link options.

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