EK-FC Bridge System QUAD Semi-Parallel CSQ - Plexi

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EK-FC Bridge System QUAD Semi-Parallel CSQ is a high quality interconnect for connecting four (4) EK Full-Cover CSQ waterblocks in a single, sturdy unit. Connecting multiple graphics cards FC water blocks with akward fittings and tubing is a thing of a past!

Bridge is made of high quality Plexi glass. There is no need to purchase additional links since the EK-FC Link comes with every Full Cover CSQ water block. Serial and parallel water flow are graphically explained in installation manual.

For use with motherboards with PCIe x16 slots 40.6mm (1.6") apart!

- 1x EK-FC Bridge QUAD Semi-Parallel
- 3x Plug G/14 - Nickel plated
- 1x mounting mechanism for connecting four EK-FC Links

Additional Info

Threads G1/4

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