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EK-CPU Easy Mount LTX LGA 2011 Add-on - Nickel

Product EAN: 3831109870785
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New mounting mechanism add-on kit for LGA-2011 socket offers easy to install procedure, with better grip on thumb screws and more overall stability.

Each of springs offer 7.5 kg of pressure, therefore optimal pressure of 30 kg on CPU can be achieved.

This mounting mechanism is compatible with:
- EK-Supreme LT(X)
- EK-Supreme LT(X) UNI
- EK-Supreme

Package contains:
- 4 thumb screw CPU M4
- 4 springs M4x16mm

Made in Slovenia - EU!

NOTE: This mounting add-on kit comes with every EK-Supreme LTX/LTX UNI waterblocks manufactured and shipped since Nov 14th 2011!

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