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Spare parts & Tools

Spare parts & Tools

Spare parts for your liquid cooling gear and tools. The same tools that you needed to build your computer will use when building a liquid cooling loop. We recommend flat-head and Philips-head screwdrivers, anti-static wrist wrap, needle-nose pliers and some paper towels. To cut the tubing we recommend Stanley/Craft knife, kitchen scissors or a pair of dedicated tubing clippers. In this section are the tools that you might need when installing our products.
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  • OR - CPU Supremacy (EPDM 70)

    Replacement O-ring for EK-Supremacy EVO and MX series water block.

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  • EK-Quantum Velocity D-RGB Mounting Plate - Intel Black

    An addressable D-RGB upgrade kit for existing EK-Velocity high-performance CPU water blocks for all popular Intel CPU sockets. The upgrade kit includes the Intel 115x and 20xx socket compatible steel mounting plate and pre-installed 3-pin 5V D-RGB LEDs.

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