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EK®, the premium water cooling gear manufacturer, is extending the Quantum Torque fitting lineup with Satin Titanium static extenders, rotary extenders in all finishes, and specialized push-in hardline fittings called Micro HDP. Expanding the Torque fitting series is one of EK's key objectives, in an effort to ease the loop-building process and create specialized products for every scenario builders may find themselves in. Learn more

EK Releases Unique Distro Plate Solutions for Lian Li Desk Cases

July 31, 2020| Pumps Reservoirs

EK®, the premium water cooling gear manufacturer, is launching three new Quantum Reflection series products, designed explicitly for LIAN LI DK-05F and DK-04F desk cases. This new series of distro plates consists of two pumpless, front-mounted manifolds which are connected directly to the EK-Quantum Reflection Uni 140 D5 PWM D-RGB. These waterways bring rich D-RGB lighting implementation and a lot of connection ports to satisfy any tube routing configuration for your Lian Li desk PC.

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EK Expands Quantum Torque Fitting Line With a New Unique Finish

July 22, 2020| Fittings

It has been over a year ago when EK® introduced Torque fittings to the market, and since then, their popularity has only been growing. These fittings became the go-to solution for many high profile modders and enthusiasts. EK, the premium water cooling gear manufacturer, has promised to continue evolving and expanding its fitting lineup with new models and finishes. The latest addition to the Quantum Line fittings, aptly named Satin Titanium, was just introduced.

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See the Flow With The New EK Quantum Flow Indicators

July 10, 2020| Accessories Water Blocks

EK, the European premium liquid cooling gear manufacturer, is releasing a series of unique flow indicators that belong to the Quantum Line. These Quantum flow indicators visually represent the coolant flow rate, which is often hard to see with the naked eye. This can be very useful to instantly see if your loop is operation is nominal or there's trouble with the pump or flow in some other area as well as looking cool! It also features addressable RGB illumination where the LEDs are covered by a stylish black anodized aluminum cover to hide the hotspots. Aside from the standalone option, there are two more that mount directly on the EK-Quantum Vector GPU water block.

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EK Launches Standalone Quantum Pump Tops

July 7, 2020| EKWB Press Release

EK, the European premium liquid cooling manufacturer, is launching EK-Quantum Inertia Body standalone pump-tops that are designed for D5 pumps. These standalone tops offer increased hydraulic performance (up to 15%) compared to the original factory top and feature sophisticated D-RGB LED lighting and a design that seamlessly blends with the rest of the EK Quantum Line. 

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EK Quantum Torque Series Fittings Expanded With Static Extenders

June 26, 2020| EKWB Press Release

EK®, the premium water cooling gear manufacturer, is extending the Quantum Line Torque fittings with static extenders. With these premium interconnects, it will become very easy to get the correct positioning of the fitting to lessen any work when tube routing or attach a component directly to another via an M-M static extender. Aesthetically they are a perfect match with the EK-Quantum Torque fittings.

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