The thermal design power (TDP), sometimes called thermal design point, is the maximum amount of heat generated by the CPU that the cooling system in a computer is required to dissipate in typical operation.


Kit refers to a pre-configured set of liquid cooling components for a CPU cooling loop. Tucked in a neat packaging and comes with easy-to-follow intuitive installation guide. Ready to be expanded at any moment.


EK in-house designed and engineered flagship performance high-static pressure cooling fan.


Thermo-electric component, also known as Peltier cooler (freezer). An electric solid-state heat pump with no moving parts, which uses two dissimiliar metals to transfer the heat from one side of the device to another and can create temperature difference up to 70°C. Rarely used these days due to inefficiency of the TEC at higher heat loads.


Known also as FC Terminal – an end-piece to every GPU water block, made from POM Acetal. Can be replaced by a multitude of different Terminal interconnect end-pieces in order to connect two or more GPUs without extra fittings.


Printed circuit board with electricals interconnects which houses the electrical components, such as microchips, capacitors, resistors etc. Often referred to graphics cards and motherboards, i.e. »what PCB version is your MSI GTX 970?«.


Pastel (coolant)

A gorgeous opaque looking coolant, based on zinc oxide which comes in many colours. Excellent cooling- and corrosion preventing characteristics to boot!

Flow rate

A quantifiable value of how fast the pump is running the liquid through the cooling loop. The flow rate is measured using electronic flow meters. I.e. »what’s your flow rate?«.


A heat pump which cools the cooling liquid (see: coolant) below the ambient temperature, usually utilizing a vapor-compression refrigeration unit to chill the liquid. For experts only.


Expendable Liquid Cooling. EK’s all-in-one lineup of products that can be easily expanded with the use of QDC.