The base material for budget friendly custom loop products found in the EK Fluid Gaming lineup.


The base material for core enthusiast EK products with very high thermal conductivity.

EK Fluid Gaming

EK’s latest lineup of custom liquid cooling kits with patent pending technology base on aluminum alloy


EK’s super quiet water pump in a form factor of the renown DDC. Great performance for a single CPU+GPU loop and great value for money!


EK’s Hard tube compression fittings. Just like with ACF fittings, the compression ring (collar) prevents the tube from being removed from the fitting.


EK’s system RAM (memory modules) liquid cooling system.


EK’s translucent flexible clear tubing. The most durable PVC tubing on the market with excellent UVA/UVB/UVC aging resistance.


Custom Loop Configurator, EK’s renown complete liquid cooling system builder.


A biological growth in the poorly maintaned liquid cooling loop. Can smell badly.


The thermal design power (TDP), sometimes called thermal design point, is the maximum amount of heat generated by the CPU that the cooling system in a computer is required to dissipate in typical operation.