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Jan 21, 2014

EK introduces Indigo XS™ ultra-performance engineered thermal interface

EK Water Blocks, Ljubljana-based premium water cooling gear manufacturer, is proud to introduce the latest generation Engineered Thermal Interface (ETI) for Intel® Core® LGA-115x processors.

EK-TIM Indigo XS is the successor to EK-TIM Indigo Xtreme and represents the latest generation Engineered Thermal Interface (ETI). Fits neatly between a CPU lid and water block (or heat sink) to keep CPUs cooler. Unlike greases, metallic thermal interface pads or liquid metal alloys, Indigo XS™ is a self-contained and sealed structure, deploying a Phase Change Metallic Alloy (PCMA) which reflows and fills surface asperities on the CPU lid and heat sink. Indigo XS™ achieves high thermal performance through the optimized deployment of molten, oxide-free PCMA, thereby yielding low contact resistance and low bulk resistance. The resultant interfacial layer is void-free and robust, with low thermal contact and bulk resistance.

With a new alloy boasting a bulk thermal conductivity of 40 W/mK, Indigo XS performance is unmatched by any other TIM available today.

Key feature/benefits:
- Bulk thermal conductivity 4-6X higher than best grease/paste TIMs
- Compatible with all Intel™ 1150/1155/1156 CPUs, including Haswell
- Optimized for watercooled systems
- Highest thermal performance of any TIM, including Indigo Xtreme!

High Reliability:
- Fully sealed structure - no mess or migration
- Most consistent performance - applies the correct amount of alloy every time
- Gallium-free
- Laser-cut precision

User Friendly:
- Fully compatible with copper and aluminum surfaces
- Peel-and-stick application
- Easy clean up - just peel to remove

Extent of delivery:
- two (2) EK-TIM Indigo XS applicators
- one (1) Indigo Xtreme Thermal Surface Cleaner
- one (1) pair of powder-free nitrile gloves
- cleanroom-grade dry wiper cloths
- installation manual

Product is readily available for purchase through EK Webshop and Partner Reseller Network. EK-TIM Indigo XS is also available bundled with EK-Supremacy Elite - Intel 115x.

Made in USA by Enerdyne Solutions for EKWB d.o.o.

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