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Jul 2, 2012

AMD FX Processors and EK-TIM Indigo Xtreme re-flow issue

We have been notified by Enerdyne Solution regarding possible incompatibilities of EK-TIM Indigo Xtreme - AMD AM3/FM1 with AMD FX series processors:


AMD’s specification of 61°C-70°C is for maximum allowed case temperature (a thermocouple measurement taken on top of the CPU lid); however, one will be measuring CPU core/junction temperature with a utility such as SpeedFan, etc. As there is significant thermal resistance between the CPU lid and core/junction (due to TIM1, etc), the core temperature will be much higher than the case temperature. Therefore, it is possible to reach the recommended ~80-85°C average core temperature, while not exceeding the AMD max case temp of 61-70°C. However, unlike all other AMD CPUs, customers may have discovered that the on-chip thermal monitor of the FX Bulldozer is especially sensitive to the temperature ramp rate; we will definitely investigate this further and follow-up.


In the mean time we are declaring EK-TIM Indigo Xtreme - AMD AM3/FM1 as possibly incompatible with AMD FX Bulldozer series processors until we can confirm/disaffirm this.


We apologize for any inconvenience.

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