Ek Water Blocks Cooling Solutions

Company info

    EK Water Blocks is a trademark of:
    EKWB d.o.o
    Pot za Brdom 100
    1000 Ljubljana
    Slovenia - EU

    Warehouse - Delivery address:
    Pod lipami 18,
    PC Žeje pri Komendi
    1218 Komenda
    Slovenia - EU
    Tel.:+386 590 96 610
    Tel.:+386 590 96 622 (End-user shipping)

    ID for VAT: SI30449383
    Company No.: 3358151000

    EK Team:
    President of the Board: Edvard König
    Chief Executive Officer: Mark Tanko

    Business Development Officer: Matjaž Krč
    Marketing & Business Associate for Americas: Derick Magnusen
    Chief Of Backoffice: Barbara Colnar
    Chief Of R&D / CTO: Niko Tivadar
    Customer Support & Sales: Peter Šajn
    Chief Manufacturing Officer: Igor Marinč

    B2B Logistics: Sebastjan Per
    End-user shipping: Igor Podlipnik


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